Traf-Sys OmniCounter People Counters are designed to provide an affordable highly accurate wireless people counting solution with flexible mounting options.

These counters can be mounted at the entrance of your facility to measure pedestrian traffic statistics. With features such as lithium ion battery power and wireless communication, these counters can be installed quickly and easily.
The Traf-Sys OmniCounter has unique features which allow it to be configured for either front-firing or side firing installations. This makes the Traf-Sys OmniCounter flexible enough to accommodate most entrances.
If you are looking for an affordable wireless people counting solution with flexible mounting options, the Traf-Sys OmniCounter can be used as a standalone solution. The local LCD display shows the current number of counts which can be recorded at the end of each day. Or, you can enhance your people counting solution with a MIU data controller which will automatically log your pedestrian traffic data and make it available over a local area network. Add the VisiCount people counting software to compile and analyze pedestrian traffic data.

  • „ Flexible design allows for door-frame mount or wall-mount.
  • „„ IR beam-interrupt 24-bit People Counter
  • „„ Battery operated for a truly wireless installation
  • „„ Side or Front Mountable (user selectable)
  • „„ Low or High Power IR Range (user selectable)
  • „„ 418 MHz radio interface
  • „„ Unique serial number embedded in radio packets
  • „„ Integrated 6-digit LCD display indicating total counts
  • „„ Up to 16 ft. Infrared transmission range in high-power mode
  • „„ Small size, light weight, fast, easy and flexible installation.
  • „„ Can be used alone or with a Traf-Sys MIU data controller and wireless repeater enabling you to view your pedestrian traffic data remotely over a network.

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