About Us

The MWalker Company was officially started in December 1986 by Mark and Mary Walker of Anderson, Indiana. The business idea was hatched a year earlier as Mark traveled from library to library selling books and periodicals. In the midst of his sales calls, he learned of the new government requirement for libraries to provide customer counting statistics in order to quantify and justify funding for buildings and special projects.

Mark researched the need and learned that a cost-effective, reliable patron counter was not available. He then developed a solution by using an infrared security intrusion device and a Radio Shack pedometer as his counter display. Soon thereafter, the MWalker Company turned a profit with the first two people counting systems installed in March of 1987 at the Hannibal, Missouri public library. MWalker has been profitable in every year of their existence!

Mark and Mary built their business the old fashioned way by providing reliable products at reasonable prices and most importantly by taking care of their customers! Great customer counting products and great service led to happy customers and great referrals. MWalker sold 104 customer counters its first year in business.

Starting in 1989, major companies began to ask if they could re-sell the MWalker patron counters. Given the opportunity to private label the products, they correctly realized the power of the MWalker brand that had been created by the superior product and service and chose to use the MWalker label.

Through the ensuing years, government agencies, colleges, and retailers began to use MWalker people counters. In late 2002, MWalker began to integrate patron counters that were small, reliable, battery-operated, and could wirelessly transmit their patron data to a PC or PC network. It made sense to rename the MWalker Company to Walker Wireless LLC.

So what does all this mean to you?

  • Walker Wireless is profitable and enjoys financial and technological stability.
  • Because of our financial stability, Walker Wireless maintains an equipment inventory to meet immediate product needs and provide loaner equipment during repair periods.
  • Walker Wireless manages the business in full compliance with MWalker heritage excellent product with excellent service! We are dedicated to making, and keeping, our customers happy.
    As Mark Walker likes to say, "The first is still the best"!


190 Industry Dr, Pittsburgh PA 15275