• Retail People Counting
  • OmniCounter Wireless People Counters
  • Library Patron Counting
  • Temperature / Humidity Sensors

Walker Wireless People Counters

Walker Wireless provides reliable cost-effective customer tracking solutions. Our products can be used to measure the number of patrons entering a building or particular space. You can then use the statistical data gathered from our wireless traffic counting systems to discover where and how to more effectively use your resources.


MWalker Wireless is recognized as the premier supplier of library patron counters. You can purchase our wireless patron counters direct from Walker Wireless, or through our suppliers.

Walker Wireless and ACUI Procure partnered in 2003 to bring wireless traffic counting technology to Student Unions and college Sports and Fitness Centers.

Walker Wireless provides simple to install, cost-effective traffic counters to small, medium, and large retailers. We do not require installation contracts, monthly fees, or service contracts.

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