Walker Wireless provides simple to install, cost-effective traffic counters to small, medium, and large retailers. We do not require installation contracts, monthly fees, or service contracts. You purchase the equipment, can perform a self-install, and own the traffic data. Our CompuCount receiver/server provides a local display of half-hour, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly traffic data and supports File Transfer Protocol scripting to allow you to download traffic data to remote locations and other software packages for analysis.

Why do Retailers use Traffic Counters?

Excerpts from an article from Nancy Tanker in Specialty Retail Report Magazine.

  • Today, traffic-count systems offer retailers highly valuable retail intelligence.
  • Fifty percent of major US retailers have traffic counting systems in place.
  • Traffic counting systems help control overhead costs. For example; running air conditioning at peak traffic times - and to plan staffing levels. Of course, keeping operating costs in check is good news for retailers.
  • Traffic counts can also help retailers get a better handle on staffing levels. Sometimes a half-hour change in scheduling can yield enormous results. If you think your peak traffic time is from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM but a traffic count suggests that it is really from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM you could be missing that half-hour right at the well as overpaying for labor on the back end.
  • Traffic counters help management measure the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns, detect changes in consumer buying behavior, track trends, plan expansions, and in one of those worst case scenarios, figure out ways to reverse a confirmed drop in traffic.
  • Comparing current data with previous data can help identify trends. This tells you were you are going and provides priceless time to react proactively.
  • If traffic counts reveal that customer traffic was up during a certain event, but sales were down, that tells management that the advertising campaign worked well to bring in prospects, but something went wrong in terms of converting those prospects into sales. The retailer should ask questions like how did the promotion attract a demographic that isn't my demographic and did the promotion attract more traffic than we anticipated, and we weren't staffed properly to take advantage of it?
  • Traffic is only part of the story. When combined with sales information, traffic data allow retailers to see how much of the total traffic they are capturing, and implement strategies to capitalize on more traffic. Retailers aren't aware of how many people come into their stores unless they are measuring it. So they know at the end of the day that they had 100 transactions, but they have no idea if 500 people came into their store, or 1,000 people came in. With a traffic counter, it become a completely different story. You had 100 people in your store and 25 people bought something, so you converted 25 percent of your opportunity. From there, you can figure out how to get 26 percent, then 27 percent..and those incremental sales increases greatly contribute to margin.
  • Traffic counts can be a powerful strategic tool in running a retail business.

The Benefits of Walker Wireless People Counters include:

  • Battery Operated - No Wires - Portable
  • New IR Technology - Easy to Align - Easy to Install
  • Hidden Reset Button Reduces Tampering and Helps Protect Data
  • Wireless Transmission of Count Data to a PC or Network
  • Inexpensive to Monitor Multiple Doors
  • You Own the Data
  • Exportable Data in a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format
  • Additional Wireless Products monitor Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, etc.

Stand-Alone Patron Counters

With a stand-alone patron counter, you will walk to the counter whenever you need the traffic data, write down the count, and reset the counter to zero. There is no memory of hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly data.

A Walker Wireless stand-alone counter is the least expensive, most reliable, easiest to install, and easiest to use traffic counter on the market.

  • 20 Foot, 30 Foot, and 40 foot measurement span options
  • Door Frame (side firing) or Wall Mount (front firing) options
  • Battery Operated with AC option (40 foot span)
  • Integrated Digital Display
  • Hidden Reset Button
  • 2" x 3" x 1" - 2 ounces
  • Upgrade to Wireless Transmission

CompuCount Systems

A complete wireless people counting system from Walker Wireless adds many features and benefits.

  • The battery operated counters at the doors wirelessly transmit their traffic counts to the CompuCount receiver/server attached to your PC network. This count data is automatically collected stored– and is viewed at your PC in half hour, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly formats.
  • Each CompuCount can receive traffic count data from up to sixteen Walker Wireless counters in the buildings. So, it is easy to track incoming traffic as well as usage in specific rooms (Clearance), Aisles, Restrooms, and other locations within the store.
  • The CompuCount supports Directional Counters which can be used to track IN and OUT counts and determine occupancy.
  • The CompuCount supports the Magnetic Door Counter which can be placed on Emergency Doors, Storage Rooms, etc to track when they are opened.
  • The CompuCount supports overhead camera counting technology.
  • The CompuCount supports the Management Information Survey Box which will allow you to count questions at the Information Desk.
  • Because the counters are battery-operated and wirelessly transmit their information, the system can be easily installed without needing to worry about the time or expense of running power and data wires.
  • Because of the lightweight portability of the counter, an extra unit can be purchased to be used at different locations within the building to capture counts for specific events

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